Celebrating Creativity #52 – Miller

Miller Aliens Stole my Beer Experiential Marketing We have been talking a lot about brands using technology to create digital experiences and give people a story to tell. It may sound a bit retro but this game reminded us so much of the Atari ‘Space Invaders’. It was a classic arcade game in the 80’s. But the coolest thing here is that they used Kinect technology to create this great live experience.

Powered with the message “Aliens Stole My Beer,” the beer brand, Miller, installed an interactive digital pod at the last edition of Freshtival, a music festival held in Istanbul, and invited people to play against the ‘aliens’.

By moving their bodies, players could control the space ship shooting at aliens using a headset microphone. A great way of using experiential marketing to engage the audience with the brand by introducing a playful and fun experiment to send their message across!

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