Heineken keeping it real

By February 23, 2011General, Industry News

Heineken are making social media real Heineken have extended the trend of the ‘million fan thank you’ with this little video. On the day they reached one million fans, they sent a hug team of branded lovelies in to Amsterdam to say thank you by giving people, err, hugs.

Using experiential marketing for TV spots has been a hot topic of conversation recently. The money, time and effort Heineken have put in to creating this experience (albeit with the sole intention of creating content) shows the value they are putting on their social media presence. Despite knowing how powerful social media is, they still know that true engagement comes from giving real people real experiences.

We know that 70% of all online viewers are only spectators so to us it still shows that people need to truly experience a brand to feel a connection. “Likes” can be dished out with the click of a button but physically receiving a thankful branded hug? Sounds like forming a real connection to us! How refreshing, how Heineken!

How refreshing, how Heineken!

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