CES 2012: the top gadgets to enhance user experiences

By January 25, 2012General, Industry News

Samsung Smart TV at CES 2012 The world’s greatest Consumer Electronics Show took place this month in Las Vegas where the big names in technology showcased their plans for 2012. Here at Hotcow we are great advocates of clever technologies, especially the ones which brands can take advantage of in order to create some engaging experiences for their consumers. We’ve selected some of the experiential highlights from this years exhibition.

Beyond the hardwares, flexible screens, super-thin OLED TVs and tablets galore, the big CES trends of the year are the digital devices, focusing on user experiences and new user interfaces. 3D technology, touchable displays and visual retrieval of content are strong trends that will be with us this year and beyond.

A big buzz at CES 2012 comes from a promise to replace TV remote controls, computer mouses and touchscreen interaction with new ‘natural’ interfaces – speech, gaze and motion sensitivity, and the ‘app’lification’ of everything. A new set of smart TVs featuring voice and gesture control, as well as facial recognition, allows users to add more advanced applications. The interconnectivity between devices also enable a personalised flow of information and social content management.

Brands have lots of opportunities to create amazing experiences for consumers with user interface devices. Some of the technological highlights are new mobile apps such as Aurasma, taking Augmented Reality to the next level, an amazing window touchscreen, the Cubify 3D experience, allowing users to unleash their creativity in 3D and share printable content, and the second generation of the Microsoft Surface platform, offering a even richer visual-based touch experience.

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