Celebrating Creativity #88 – Slurpee

Slurpee BYO Day Experiential Campaign Everyone loves a good giveaway, which is why Slurpee Australia decided to embrace consumers inner-opportunistic side to promote their frozen drinks range.

This turned out a fantastic experiential, two-way campaign that challenged consumers to don their creative thinking hats via a simple Slurpee Facebook post asking: “if you could bring any cup what would it be?”. The most creative suggestions were developed into a print advertising campaign for the actual experiential activity, labelled ‘Bring Your Own Cup Day’.

For a 24 hour period, customers could take any vessel they could get their hands on to fill with Slurpee products… and fill they did! Described by one satisfied customer as ‘the world’s best day’, excited Slurpee fanatics across Australia ventured to their nearest 7-Eleven stores armed with kettles, watering cans and boots to name a few ‘cups’ used, with a new drink being sold every 1.8 seconds.

Not only were customers thrilled with the excellent value for money that the promotion provided, the humorous aspect generated a flurry of nationwide PR attention, and encouraged consumers to celebrate the day with the momentous rest of the world via social media platforms.

With a 270% increase in sales, and international reach, this incredible creative, interactive and engaging experiential campaign worked a treat! Check out the video below.

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