Celebrating Creativity #87 – Melissa

Melissa Experiential Artwork Campaign This campaign represents a fantastic experiential combination of creativity and artwork, which perfectly represents the Hotcow philosophy “great experiences change emotions, actions and beliefs”.

With a combination of animation, audience participation and a large dose of emotional connection, the Brazilian gallery-style store ‘Melissa’ brightened the days of passers-by for 5 whole months.

The 25 animators responsible for changing the shop facade every month magically transformed a large wall outside the store, using a total of 350,000 brightly coloured Post-it notes.

The rainbow coloured wall inspired an array of 30,000 love messages, with people of all ages picking up a pen to spontaneously scribble away on the lower notes. This unexpected consumer interaction added a whole new dimension to the campaign, with the two way communication between brand and consumers extending the reach and emotional impact of the campaign.

Unique, bright, edgy and interactive. Good work, Melissa!

Take a look at the incredible changing Post-it facade in the video below, and tweet us your thoughts @Hotcow.

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