Celebrating Creativity #74 – VW Golf

VW Golf Bluemotion Experiential Campaign One of the key features of experiential marketing is to create challenging discussions using both emotional and rational response. To highlight the fuel efficiency of the new Golf with BlueMotion technology, Volkswagen have turned a Norway road into a real time game of roulette using Google Maps and Streetview.

To make it memorable, VW encouraged Facebook users to bet on how far can a Golf run with one full tank of fuel. The closest guess would win the car. Each user could only have one guess, so they started to explore the car, find out more about BlueMotion technology and calculate fuel consumption to maximise their chances.

The trip was streamed live on VW’s website followed by 50,000 viewers. Check out the video below. This is a great example of good use of social media and to demonstrate the technical features in a fun and innovative way. What are your thoughts? Tweet us @Hotcow!

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