There are something’s that we just aren’t very comfortable about discussing in public. Feminine hygiene is one of those subjects. Marketing examples over the past few years have shown that marketeers need to be smart if they are to communicate the “joy” of “that time of the month” to women, plus get them “excited” about buying a particular brand of feminine hygiene product.

Bodyform put out ‘The Truth’

HelloFlo put out the genius and extremely funny viral The Camp Gyno”,

Kotex haven’t been shy about coming up with creative ways to get their product into the hand of the consumer. A while back, we wrote about when they adopted Pinterest to deliver personalised kits and they have also created a few virals which take the less cutesy approach including this one for UbyKotex

Ironically, this doesn’t always work globally, so in this campaign from Kotex in Hong Kong, the brand essentially created a big soft cuddly vending machine that dispensed.. you guessed it.. feminie hygine products!