Celebrating Creativity #21 – Diesel

Diesel's Facepark Europe has been throwing up some great examples of experiential marketing and this is no exception.

Last year fashion brand Diesel ran a campaign in Germany called “Be stupid”. Part of this campaign was the creation of “Facepark”, a real-life version of Facebook that brought the clichés of social media platforms back to real life.

The brand wanted to highlight how they thought it was ridiculous to waste time on social networking websites so they created a mini-festival in a park in Berlin that rendered all the digital features of Facebook in a very analogue way. Cardboard cut-outs were handed for visitors to wear and frame their faces. These “profiles” could be edited by filling in “statuses” (with permanent marker of course!), commenting, and adding “friends” by attaching their name to each others’ profiles!

It even went as far as recreating fan groups and applications by installing cardboard stands with actors present to act out the games! “Like” stickers were of course on hand to attached to anything that seemed worthy.

Of course you are now thinking “What about pokes?!” and these were made literal with the use of giant foam hands. Want to send a message? No problem! Frisbees were on hand to write on before throwing to their intended target!

Throw in bands providing entertainment, a dedicated website and resulting viral videos, this is a great example of a comprehensive brand experience that people would never forget!

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