Celebrating Creativity #17 – SAW VII

SAW VII Experiential Booth A bit of Friday relief! We have been creasing with laughter watching this really simple campaign from Australia where an agency wanted to create an experience to promote the new SAW film.

In a gloriously low-fi installation, people were invited to go in to a dark booth to watch the trailer for the latest SAW film. As the trailer went on, people became more and more tense and frightened and as the trailer reached its climax, a man wearing a mask with the face of the puppet from the film popped his head in to the booth to give viewers the fright of their life!

The beauty of this lies in its simplicity. Some experiential marketing campaigns we have celebrated, such as the Coca-Cola Village in Israel, are huge technical campaigns that work brilliantly to engage their consumers. This SAW experience basically revolved around a man in a mask popping his head through the curtain! Despite this, seeing some of the reactions on the TV spot show just how effective this can be to give people an experience they will remember and want to talk about!

The resulting TV spot isn’t half bad too!

A special mention must go to the last guy that legged it from the booth. An amazing reaction that really got us giggling!

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