Celebrating Creativity #149 – Shake It Up

Shake It Up Experiential Campaign Here is another great example of an awareness campaign by Shake It Up Australia Foundation using guerrilla marketing tactics, which people couldn’t help but notice.

To raise money for Parkinson’s disease research in Australia, the charity produced wooden wedges with a message printed on each side. On one side, it showed the title of the campaign “It’s more than just the shakes.” When flipped over, the copy read, “Thirty Australians are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease everyday. But thousands more are affected, from family to friends. You can help stop it at shakeitup.org.au”.

Beginning on World Parkinson’s day, the wedges were placed under various tables in cafes and restaurants in Sydney. Cameras recorded people’s reactions to their unsteady tables, which was then made into a mini-documentary to amplify the message across the world.

A very smart experiential stunt that clearly demonstrated what it’s like to have the “shakes”. Check out the video below. Tweet your thoughts @Hotcow!

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