Celebrating Creativity #112 – Anthon Berg

Anthon Berg - Generous Store Experiential Marketing is all about creating a memorable experience with your brand that people can’t help but notice and take part in. Anthon Berg, the Danish chocolatier, has definitely provided that warm fuzzy feeling in their latest campaign in Copenhagen.

Expanding on their ‘you can never be too generous’ motto, Anthon Berg created a pop up store which didn’t take cards or cash as payments, but instead consumers could pay with a promise of a generous deed to a friend or loved one.

When choosing their product at ‘The Generous Store’, shoppers had to share their promise on Facebook with the person it involved. The payment options included “serve breakfast in bed to your loved one” to “not talking behind your girlfriend’s back for a month”. Using iPads as cash registers, Brand Ambassadors were making sure the promise of a good deed was immediately posted on Facebook walls of both giver and receiver.

Response to the shop was immense and continued as consumers shared pictures of them carrying out their good deeds!

What other ways can brands create that feeling of happiness and involvement for their consumers? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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