Are window displays the next generation of online shopping?

Ocado Virtual Shopping Window Last week, the online grocer Ocado announced their first pop-up store in London showcasing the “next generation in shopping”, allowing customers to buy from a window display, rather than getting real products from the shelving. This is a similar move to the experiential venture performed by Tesco in South Korea. The technology involves a printed window display with popular items, enabling consumers to scan the barcodes off a wall, add the items to their baskets and book a delivery time.

We have previously discussed how brands are using emerging technologies as QR codes to get the attention of consumers, building an universe of opportunities within the digital world. As retailers seek to find new ways to target shoppers and connect the ‘real’ retail world with consumers’ mobile and digital sphere, this is indeed a step forward for online retail. It can certainly work well if placed in spots where people have spare ‘waiting’ time on their daily commute such as bus shelters or train stations, which can become a helpful and convenient alternative way to shopping.

Ocado says that if the ‘virtual shop window’ is a success, they will repeat the initiative at other locations around the UK. What are your thoughts on this? Is this a taste of the future of shopping where you would have no physical interaction? Tweet us @Hotcow!


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