Celebrating Creativity #64 – Arno

Arno Turbo Silence Fan Experiential Campaign Sometimes a simple idea can generate the most surprising result; and on many occasions, the investment can be minimal and still have a large impact on promotion.

This guerrilla stunt by the home appliance brand Arno in Brazil is a great example of thinking outside the box to create a simple and efficient experiential campaign.

To communicate the new Arno Turbo Silent Fan as a product of high wind power, the brand installed a fan in operation and placed it in a display at the entrance of an appliance store with the message – “the maximum wind power”. Across the retailer, a parked car was strategically turned sideways – it didn’t resist the wind power!

It’s great to watch how the flipped car got the attention of those who passed by, curious to find out what was going on. Have a look at the video below!


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