The top most admired brands in the UK

By August 16, 2012General

Coca-Cola Experiential Happiness Recent research seen by Marketing Week has unveiled the top brands that are most admired by marketers. Between the top ten brands featured on the list are John Lewis, Apple, Virgin, Coca-Cola and P&G, which are consistently creating emotional and inspiring campaigns, capable of engaging people in meaningful ways.

What these brands have in common is that they push boundaries when it comes to innovation. Coca-Cola is primary example of using creative sampling tactics to approach consumers in fun and unexpected ways. Coke’s experiential campaign ‘Where will happiness strike next?’, which we have featured on our Celebrating Creativity section, has inspired marketers and consumers around the world, maintaing the brand top of mind amongst this audience.

Ranking as the number one brand favoured by marketers, John Lewis certainly understand how to create that emotional engagement. As Craig Inglis, Marketing Director of John Lewis, said “marketers like all consumers get excited when they see brands do innovative things, that deliver on their brand promises and engage on a emotional level”. Who doesn’t recall last years heart-warming Christmas ad featuring a young boy counting down to give his parents a Christmas present?

Understanding how your brand emotionally resonates with consumers is a powerful tool. Brand storytelling can add real value to your campaign, creating that personal connection with a tale that consumers can relate to on an individual level.

As the number two brand on the rank, Apple is the perfect example of a brand that brings its products to life. With straight-forward products on offer, Apple uses the ‘show me’ approach, enabling consumers to see and experience the value and functionality of its products.

Great brands that are able to touch the hearts and minds of consumers, with straight forward and innovative campaigns, are more likely to stand out from the clutter and make a big impact.

So, what is your favourite brand?

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