Celebrating Creativity #147 – Ultimat Vodka

Ultimat Vodka Experiential Nothing like a experiential genius to bring a little cheer to this sunny Friday.

In an attempt to reach the white collar workaholics of Manhattan, Ultimat Vodka dressed up a brand ambassador in a smart suit and had him pose as a window washer.

Descending from the rooftops of the city’s high-rises on a window washing elevator, the man held up a series of signs that read “You people are hard to reach”, “Have you heard about fresh air? It’s Amazing!”, Let’s drink to getting you out of here before 6”, advising these frazzled workers that they need less work and more play!

For anyone who managed to tear themselves away from their desks, Ultimat Vodka drinks awaited them, only a few blocks away.

Check out the performance of this exceptional campaign. What do you think? Great advice we think.

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