Celebrating Creativity #23 – Coca-Cola

Where will happiness strike next Coca-cola have been at it again. Their latest “Where will happiness strike next?” experiential campaigns have been shared all over the internet and have cause quite a stir!

We thought it might be nice to bring you up to date with three of the latest offerings from this great campaign that is solely based on tapping in to people’s emotions.

The first video below became a hit for Coca-Cola last year as it racked up over 3 million views on Youtube. Coke turned an every-day occurrence in to something truly surprising and remarkable – an event that makes you think “I wish I was there”. They added real value to the students’ day and went way beyond sampling their own products by handing out flowers, pizza and even a giant sub!

The happiness truck below follows more of a traditional sampling model. The great thing about it is that it gives people more, by creating an experience around the sampling activity. The giant push button on the back of the truck forces people to physically interact with the brand in order to get their sample – meaning the branded truck itself replaces brand ambassadors.

Again, Coke give out gifts far beyond their usual product, eradicating the narcissistic nature of sampling and helping them to appear in as positive light as possible to their consumers – leaving them with a sense that Coca-Cola love to give.

Finally, the “Happiness Store” turns the usually mundane task of shopping in to a truly memorable experience. Following the trend of the previous two videos, this one catches people by surprise, immerses them in the brand and gives them something great to talk about with their community. Bravo!

We do bang on about it but the video content produced by these experiences is first class. With the Happiness Machine getting over 3 million Youtube views and the other two climbing rapidly, it is a great example of social media amplification of experiential campaigns.

We are really excited about seeing what they get up to next.

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