Proof that Media is less effective

LG Playing by Yourself Just Got Better Is there really such a thing as engagement with TV ads? You can like it, you can laugh at it but isn’t real engagement reserved for a personal experience?

A recent Marketing Week article has highlighted research from Fournaise Marketing Group showing that advertising response rates are down by 19%. This has been attributed to campaigns being less effective focusing too much on creativity rather than focusing on customer benefits and the strengths of their products.

Hotcow’s own research has shown that people wants brand to “Get Real” stop the spin, ditch the marketing jargon and just give it to them straight up…..whilst making it relevant. To be brutally honest too many brands treat customers as being ignorant – consumers today know nearly every marketing tactic in the book and hence most marketing messages have become boring so people have simply switched off. The brands that “stand out” and “get chosen” are the ones that speak to their customers like a friend and entertain them.

The LG Optimus 3D smartphone launch ties right in with Fournaise’s research as it directly focuses on the strengths of the product and communicates those strengths in a simple but entertaining manner. How many phone brands would tell their customers “Playing by yourself just got better”?

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