How are Radisson Edwardian enhancing their diners’ experiences?

Radisson Edwardian are using QR codes on their menus Hotel chain Radisson Edwardian have found a great use for those controversial QR codes.

In a bid to enhance their customers’ dining experiences, they have included the codes on their menus so that diners can scan with their smart phones. This then links to an online video of the a chef preparing the featured dish.

We are great advocates of making experiences real for consumers and this little extra gives dining – already a very sensory experience – that added dimension of seeing how a dish came to be. Having said that, after years of “no phones at the table” we can see this causing a few arguments about etiquette!

The hotel chain has already experienced success with integrating technology in to their business with users regularly “checking in” via Foursquare and Facebook.

In an industry where experience is everything we give them a big thumbs up!

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