Hotcow targets Tesco’s with Better Bunny sampling campaign

By February 27, 2013General, Industry News

Better Bunny Experiential Sampling Vegetarian sweet brand, Better Bunny, owned by Katjes Fassin is launching a 8 week sampling campaign targeting Tesco customers.

The campaign will be positioned at the front of stores where the product will be sampled and consumers encouraged to participate in the in-store “Bunny Hunt” competition. 50 winners will be drawn from a free prize draw and sent a fully packed goodie bag.

Better Bunny is a vegetarian sweet made without animal gelatin. It is a delicious bunny face shape made from soft and chewy foam sugar with fruit gum ears.

The Better Bunny will target thousands of shoppers to encourage them to eat less animal gelatine sweets and ‘go veggie’.


We will be out and about between 1st March and 26th April.


Make sure you will try these moorish bunnies!!

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