Hotcow, Mark Zuckerberg and social network statistics

By October 27, 2010General, Industry News

People need a reason to like a brand The Cow managed to escape the field on Friday night for a quick trip to the cinema to see “The Social Network”. At one point Mark Zuckerberg was explaining the appeal of Facebook which really rang a bell with us. On Monday morning we saw this article in New Media Age and our little tails started wagging!

The soon-to-be world’s youngest billionaire was passionately explaining how people love to relive what has already happened – something we definitely believe in at Hotcow.

New Media Age published some research findings from the IAB that showed a surprisingly low uptake on brand “likes” or “follows”. Sounds like bad news for brands…but wait! The article went on to tell us “the most common use of social networks is to view photos (55.9%) and to make social plans or find out about events (34.8%).”

After chewing these numbers we came up with only one conclusion. Brands need to give people a reason to “like” them. Creating engaging experiences for consumers would give them great content that people will share, “like” and talk about.

Planning, promoting and reporting an engaging event would seemingly tick the box of an incredible 91.7% of social network users…Wow!

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