Women are from Venus…

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus John Gray got it just about right with the title of his infamous book – even with experiences the sexes react in completely different ways.

Aside from the obvious differences, how do the err, ‘Venusians’ differ from their ‘Martian’ counterparts? Here are a few examples that we think are particularly important when marketing to Women…

Visual appeal is highly important to a woman. Without fulfilling stereotypes (ooh sparkly!) any event or experience must look great to engage a woman. Far from disregarding aesthetics when marketing to men, it is important to remember that women place more value on this side of things.

As most men (hopefully!) know, women love to feel special. Giving away freebies or invites is a great way to engage – they love both the concept and the fact they have gained something relevant from the experience.

A Woman is more likely to pass on a message or recommendation to her community so if you get everything right, you are on to a winner! Not only this, she will remember who in her circle is most likely to benefit from the information she can share with them.

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