Getting that festive feeling…

By December 23, 2010General, Industry News

The Coca-Cola truck goes experiential Last week advertising research specialists Ipsos published the results of a survey suggesting that 55% of UK adults agree that Christmas adverts help set the mood for the festive season.

Surely the most famous of these is the Coca-Cola advert. Every year, we hear so many people saying they feel all Christmassy because they had seen the Coke Advert and with the sky-rocketing of social networks, this talkability has only increased. Coke have hit the jackpot by immersing themselves in the ‘feeling’ of Christmas. People wait with baited breath for the advert, or wax lyrical about it once it hits our screens. Either way, Coke is front of mind!

Coca-Cola are even taking credit for Santa’s appearance, stating on their website “Coca-Cola advertising actually helped shape this modern-day image of Santa”. To say the adverts have become an institution would be no overstatement.

Having started their Christmas ads in magazines in 1931, Coca-Cola have certainly earned their notoriety and fully deserve the emotional engagement that the commercials now generate. The thing is, it has taken 79 years to get to this stage. What excites us is how Coca-Cola have realised the importance of this engagement and taken their iconic “Coke truck” on tour.

By not resting on their laurels and taking a Christmas institution on tour, Coca-Cola are giving people a remarkable, real-life experience and really playing their festive trump card.

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