Are price promotions ruining Christmas?

We would love to see more shopping experiences As the ‘Cows ran around London making those all-important festive purchases, we couldn’t help noticing what retailers were focussing on this year. Price-wars. Instead of giving us consumers a great shopping experience, all they seemed to worry about was beating their competitors on price.

Sort of ruins Christmas doesn’t it?

With Regent Street glowing beneath its lights and the crisp winter winds biting at our noses there is always a sense something different is happening at this time of year – it adds to the magic of Christmas. But having this feeling quashed by “sell sell sell” price promotions? No thanks!

We would love to see that Christmassy feeling brought inside to give shoppers a great retail experience. Yes the odd Christmas decoration was dotted around the place, and every now and again we were offered a glass of wine but true, emotional engagement? Absolutely not.

With the new year sales frenzy just around the corner there is plenty of time for price promotions. Giving people a remarkable shopping experience will generate great word of mouth uplift and increase loyalty – pulling them back when the sales do start and getting people talking about your brand!

So come on store managers, get creative and bring out that festive cheer for your shoppers!

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