Celebrating Creativity #8 – ‘What Happens When’

What Happens When restaurant project Tired of dull dining?! Want more personality for your pound?! A project in New York is giving a community of people an original alternative by drawing on great memories to create an innovative new dining experience.

What Happens When is run by a group of creatives based in and around the restaurant industry. The premise is simple: Create a dining experience that changes its menu, design and sound based on input, inspiration and investment from a community of people involved in the project. A true community project, the “temporary restaurant installation” is funded by Kickstarter – a platform that allows people to pledge money to projects they feel are worth supporting. What Happens When offers rewards such as meals and restaurant memorabilia for its contributors when they help out.

Over the six months of opening the people behind the restaurant will create new “movements” around set themes that are designed to engage with all 5 senses. By asking people to contribute their own “meaningful food memories” they are engaging with their customers’ emotions from the very outset and helping to relive them when they eat at the restaurant. Brilliant!

This truly collaborative project is built around how peoples’ experiences make them feel. By giving them the chance to relive these twice in one project will surely create an amazing bond between consumer and brand! The fact it is only a short term project means it will live and die by the sword but we are really excited to see if this can become a sustainable concept.

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