Celebrating Creativity #66 – Ariel

Ariel Experiential Event in StockholmHere is a clever integration of offline and online media. In an attempt to engage people away from the washing machine, the laundry brand Ariel has created a glass box installation set up in the middle of Stockholm Central Station.

Inside the popup installation, a stain cannon loaded up with jam and ketchup was hooked up to a live control panel connected to Ariel’s Facebook page. People could log on and use the Facebook app to trigger the cannon at clean white clothes, which were hung on a washing line moving at high speed.

If the user managed to hit the clothes, the piece of clothing would be sent to them perfectly white and clean.

It’s great to see such examples of experiential campaigns integrating the real world with social/digital platforms! If you have spotted any installations like this, we would love to hear from you. Please, tweet us @Hotcow!

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