Celebrating Creativity #57 – Fairtrade Bananas

All Good Fairtrade Bananas Experiential Activity We have been seeing many good examples of brands using innovative technology within their experiential marketing campaigns to create an emotional connection with the brand or product that will cause the audience to accept the information, take action and pass it on.

The New Zealand fairtrade banana supplier ‘All Good Bananas’ ran an experiential activity in a supermarket in Auckland using an unusual audio campaign to encourage shoppers to purchase it’s products.

Unlike a regular speaker, they have used an audio-spotlight device, which can only be heard by one person at a time, making it the perfect tool for communicating their intimate message.

When shoppers stepped onto the floor sticker, they could hear a message claiming to be the listener’s inner voice and trying to subtly persuade them to buy the fairtrade bananas. Check out the result on the video below!

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