Celebrating Creativity #12 – Asics

Asics guerrilla shoe bikePicture the scene. Walking along the road – usual sights, usual sounds. There’s a bike leant up against a tree…HANG ON A MINUTE!

Specialist running shoe brand Asics commissioned this little guerrilla marketing effort to remind people that “In the end it’s about running”. This clever play on words partly related to triathlon (hence the bike!), when the end literally is about running, but also Asics’ belief that this applies to most sports.

With huge numbers of people getting in to triathlon itself and many more taking part in fitness activity on a regular basis the bike will strike a chord with a lot of people due to their awareness of Asics as a brand.

The eye-catching bike is a simple concept, one that fits in to every-day life while instantly grabbing your attention and best of all could conceivably work! These elements combine to make it very relevant to large numbers of people which means that seeing the bike will inspire them to tell people about what they have seen. Fantastic!


Pictures are courtesy of Guerrilla Communications.

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