Celebrating Creativity #11 – Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Village experiential event Branded festivals may be nothing new but Coca-Cola Israel took it to another level last year with this great campaign that combined a live brand experience with real-time updating on Facebook.

Visitors to “Coca-Cola Village” were each given a wristband which contained their Facebook Login details. Every time they visited one of the forty attractions on-site, the wristbands sent a digital ‘like’ to their Facebook profile, informing their whole network of what they were up to! The wristbands even has the capability to automatically tag people in photos that were instantly uploaded from the event!

Like geo-tagging, which has been seen in many recent campaigns, this is a fantastic example of a live brand experience that used Facebook to great effect, giving real-time updates to large numbers of people across the social network.

This video gives a great overview of all the elements that went in to creating this innovative campaign that was implemented by Promarket.

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