Celebrating Creativity #100 – Granata Pet

Granata Pet Experiential Billboard This is an excellent example of smart billboard technology put into innovative use in a German GranataPet food awareness campaign, surprising owners and their dogs alike during their daily walkies!

These unique billboards were installed in Munich and Berlin, with an extra experiential element: a little doggy food bowl. Accompanied by the punchy call to action ‘Check in! Snack out!’, Granata asked consumers to simply share their location via Foursquare to release a sample of food for their dogs to try.

The success of this simple yet highly effective experiential technology was twofold; the billboards promoted the product in a traditional sense whilst simultaneously allowing consumers to witness their pets appreciation for the tasty snack firsthand!

By integrating social media via Foursquare check-in, and Facebook sharing, the campaign message went beyond the physical experiential activity, reaching additional dog owners virtually through the web.


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