Viral’s with a high pass on rate. How to achieve this?

Viral Video Seeding Rate There’s nothing better than a really great viral, one of those online links that circulates to everyone you know or something on TV that people drop into conversations. The only trouble with getting the brand message out there with a viral, is that you can never quite predict whether it will reach that successful, well-talked about status.

According to research on Marketing Week, the study found out that simply passing a viral onto your friends doesn’t necessarily increase viewing numbers. The viral message has to reach the brand’s target demographic. Only when they relate / understand to the viral message, determines whether they pass it on.

It is important to bare this in mind when launching a viral out into the online world. You need to discover what your target market are looking at online and where they are looking for it, when do they watch the TV and what channels? This key bit of research will open you up to a number of ways to get your viral seen by the right people and hopefully achieving a higher pass on rate.

Other key facts: Short and sweet is always best. On average it should take 10 – 15 seconds to hook a viewer and the content length should ideally last between 60 – 90 seconds. It’s always quality over quantity!

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