Three tips to evolve your experiential strategy

By July 25, 2016General

Interactive event experiences, whether digital or analogue, never stand still. Event technologies and digital trends are constantly evolving in conjunction with societal trends and technology breakthroughs.

Let’s look at three new media technologies, data triggers, and lifestyle trends that will help you create an unforgettable and emotionally charged consumer experience.

1. Building ‘content moments’ into events

Smart marketers have realised that consumer events are the ultimate catalyst for content creation and social amplification.

The smartest brands are therefore now designing their event experiences with content generation top of mind.

Here’s how you can create and seed specific ‘content moments’ into your next experience.

  • Instagram-friendly photo opps: Create spaces at your event that make great photo opportunities that will look good on social media. You know what they say, ‘Let me take a selfie’.
  • Remind consumers to share: This might sound obvious but remind your consumers to share. And don’t forget to ask them to include your brand into their content moment.
  • Data visualisation: Look at using data visualisation as a way to encourage and incentivise content creation.

2. Virtual reality

It’s safe to say that 2016 is the year of virtual reality (VR). This year alone, Samsung has placed a big bet on its Gear VR headset, Facebook’s Oculus Rift has made its retail debut, and Sony’s PlayStation VR is arriving later this year. And then there’s Microsoft’s HoloLens, which might feature the most advanced tech of the bunch.

Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka has been one of the early adopters in this space, leveraging VR to take live streaming to the next level. The brand recently hosted a rooftop concert with American dance act Bob Moses, where GoPro cameras were used to create a live 360-degree virtual reality environment.

Using Google Cardboard VR headsets in conjunction with a special Absolut Labs mobile, consumers could experience what it felt like to be one of the 400 people in New York City on the night of the performance.

3. On-demand ‘Uber for events’ experience

The on-demand experience, also known as the ‘Uber for X’ business model, is quickly becoming the consumer expectation across all industries. The event experience is no different.

Reebok is a great example of a brand that jumped on this trend early with its #ReebokHDS campaign.

New Yorkers who tweeted their shoe size and address using the hashtag #ReebokHDS were entered in a competition to win a pair of the brand’s ZJet sneakers which were delivered in real-time as the competition winner was announced.

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