The key to two great viral videos

Why have these videos gone viral? One of our ‘Cows in the office is a semi-professional rugby player. This means that from time-to-time he will inevitably bore us about his sport. The other day however, the entire herd was raving about a video from the Rugby Channel in New Zealand. Taking a leaf out of the NFL’s book, Sky New Zealand has made some “Fantasy Files” videos of their own featuring top New Zealand International players performing seemingly impossible tricks for the camera.

This video has been doing the rounds online but what makes this type of content so viral?

Despite both videos being used to promote a specific service, the videos have mass appeal. The content is simple – no understanding of the sport is needed and everyone can see and absorb something amazing.

Controversy. This element has really driven these two videos through. While some people moan about the tricks being impossible, others accept how well the videos have been faked. The other group love to just argue for or against either viewpoint.

Talkability. People love these videos because it sparks the imagination in to life. Is it really real?! What if it was?! What skills are people capable of?! All amazing conversation topics.

Both these videos have moved to a huge audience, often outside their target market. How? By being simple, controversial and remarkable.

Both the NFL and rugby versions are below. If you haven’t seen them, enjoy!

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