Take the fast lane into your consumers’ memory

Thumbs Up It’s rush-hour, you’re tumbling down the 7,385 steps to the circle line, in the midst of juggling your de-layered clothes and several complimentary newspapers with a buggy banging your heels, you see it! A bright red super slide that shouts ‘Come ride me Londoners! Its wrong but so right!’.

You mull it over. It would be unprofessional, out of the ordinary, silly and unrefined but you’ve decided to stick it to the man.

You fling a couple of tourists out of your way as you hurl your (now shirtless) body down ‘the fast lane’. Leaving your frustrations and maturity at the top of the escalator, the power of clever marketing has resulted in you diving head first into the welcoming bosom of Volkswagen.

This fantastic campaign from June this year brings smiles to the faces of those who have only heard mention of it. Linked with a cheeky viral of the ‘how to’, this is experiential at its best.

Well done VW. We’re sold.

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