Successfully growing brand awareness on social media

By May 22, 2017General

With the ever-increasing popularity of social media, marketing and PR professionals have no choice but to embrace it with a vengeance. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube simply have to be a part of any successful content strategy, and with the amount of time we all spend on these channels, it’s essential for increasing brand awareness.

So how can you make sure you’re getting it right? And more importantly how can you be sure that you’re casting your net wide enough, while catering for your target audience? Here are a few tips to keep you on track:

1. Make it chatty.

Show off your brand personality and make your posts relevant to the channel you’re utilising. You don’t have to dumb down and be something you’re not, but remember that it’s ‘social’ media and not the best place to be formal.

It’s about inspiring conversation and engagement, and not simply broadcasting whatever it is you want to say. Reply to comments, tag people who’ve said something interesting or worthwhile and watch the number of followers, comments and click-throughs rise.

2. Encourage action.

Funny, witty, entertaining posts that capitalise on current news and trends are all great for conveying your brand personality and values. Followers, likes and shares are important to provoke thoughts and positive reactions, but don’t forget to inspire action from your target audience.

Engagement is fantastic, but this is marketing, and whether you’re inviting people to find out more about your company or click on a blog post, getting people to go to your website is a must.

It’s up to you how often this happens, but don’t leave your business head behind. You don’t have to be unashamedly ‘selling’ your product or services but some kind of call to action from time to time is vital.

3. Go native.

One social media channel is very different from another, so don’t employ a ‘one size fits all’ approach to your marketing. Think about the specific audience and the space you’re in.

Tweets won’t always work on Facebook, and vice versa. You now have the chance to add quotes, polls, videos, or images to your Tweets without it eating into your 140 characters, but there’s no limit on Facebook, so be creative, rather than repetitive.

4. Embrace video.

Live video is one format you can’t afford to avoid. We’re becoming more and more visual and need to find successful ways to tell our brand stories and cut through the noise.

Streaming video allows you to really connect with users in a human way, rather than a corporate one.

5. Realise the importance of influencers.

Real people are waiting for brands like yours to move them, inspire them and get them sharing; but it’s not just a numbers game. The best influencers on social media aren’t necessarily the ones with thousands of followers and in 2017 it’s less about celebrity endorsement and more about authenticity.

You want to win the hearts of influencers who come across as real and can connect with larger audiences while conveying an image and lifestyle that’s relevant and attainable.

6. Track, track, track.

If you want to prove that your brand awareness is growing, it’s vital to measure your activity on social media.

Use insights for each channel to show you the stats and use tracking links (a URL shortener such as in your posts so you can see how many click-throughs they’re getting. Your own website analytics can tell you where people are coming from and you can find out what works and what doesn’t to optimise results.

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