Oculus Lets Customers Visit the Virtual World This Festive Season

By December 1, 2016 General No Comments

For customers who have been wondering what it feels like to explore the new and emerging world of virtual reality, Oculus may be offering the perfect solution.

While virtual reality headsets are now becoming a more commonplace factor in everything from gaming to marketing, they still represent an unachievable experience for many budget-shoppers.

In an attempt to make VR more accessible to the masses during this holiday season, Virtual Reality company “Oculus” will be conducting an experiential retail campaign in shopping centers throughout the United Kingdom. The event will be taking place in connection with a range of other retailers, including Game, John Lewis, and even Dixon’s Carphone Groups.

The First Taste of VR

Though Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is currently taking the world by storm – VR is generally regarded as an expensive toy for a relatively small percentage of the population. That’s why Oculus have gotten together with Jack Morton Worldwide – a brand experience agency, to give customers their first insight into what VR technology is all about.

The tour, named “Rift and Touch”, will be used to showcase both the Oculus Rift, and Oculus Touch products – inviting guests to immerse themselves in numerous different VR adventures – such as casting spells and climbing the Himalayas.

The tour has already begun taking the UK by storm – but if you’re looking for a chance to get involved last minute – the experience will end up in Birmingham between the 28th and 4th of December.

The New Launch

The underlying purpose of the experiential campaign is to introduce customers to the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch merchandise. However, the tour will also form part of the wider retail activation for Oculus, which includes bespoke window designs at various John Lewis, Game, and Dixon Carphone Group stores.

According to the channel marketing lead for Europe – Tom McQuillin, the Oculus experiential campaign represents an exciting opportunity to share a new experience of entertainment with people in the UK. The brand suggests that it will be unlike anything their customers have ever seen, or felt before.

For many people in the UK, this wave of new VR solutions could be the revolution that indicates the beginning of the Virtual Reality age of entertainment.

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