EasyJet’s Immersive Theatre Experience Brings Holland to London

By November 28, 2016General

EasyJet has designed an immersive theatre experience, thanks to help from Amsterdam Airport and the Netherlands board of Tourism. The latest campaign by the popular airline has been created to deliver the sounds, sights, and delights of Holland to London’s doorstep.

The experiential stunt is part of the “Why Not” campaign being run by the brand across Europe – which was launched last month with the aim of getting travellers to be more spontaneous and explore Europe in full.

More about The Event

The immersive experience started on the fourteenth of October and ran for a total of two days. During that time, a mysterious plane door was installed onto London’s Shoredtich High Street, which acted as a gateway to a surreal adventure experience.

Visitors at the eastern end of the capital were taken on a whistle-stop journey throughout contemporary Holland, guided by a cast of live theatre actors. Apparently, EasyJet revealed that curious passers-by could expect to see a range of intriguing characters and exciting surprises along the way.

Making the Most of Experiential

In true experiential style, Easy Jet have focused on creating an incredible experience for all their fans. Even those who were unable to visit the event in person were invited to watch the stunt through a 360-degree film, which also provided customers with a chance to enter a promotional competition to win a trip away.

Head of marketing and brand services at EasyJet, Ian Cairns, said that the latest generation, and EasyJet’s primary demographic, are those with a thirst for adventure. The experiential campaign was launched to reflect the energy, inclusivity, and fun of the Easy Jet brand, alongside the thrill of adventure.

Europe Travel and Brexit

EasyJet’s recent experiential efforts come after the brand took a serious hit following the results of the Brexit vote. The company admitted that the decision to leave Europe had quite an impact on the willingness of passengers to fly throughout Europe, as sterling fell in value against the Euro.

Now, the taste of Holland introduced into London, and the remainder of the “Why Not” campaign, should help young travellers to once again embrace the idea of exploring Europe in a unique and captivating way. EasyJet hopes that it’s focus on experience will help to launch a new era of exploration for UK travellers.

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