Increase consumer engagement results by 50 percent with better staff interaction

Great Consumer Engagement with Better Staffing Nothing will support your face to face campaigns better than a strong staffing team. They give consumers a reason to stop, a reason to talk and a reason to listen. The right staff on your campaign will guarantee you better results.

We believe it is important to invest time in finding the best variety of staff to better represent your brand or product. It is important to recognise that different levels of staff will achieve different goals and it is crucial to get the right combination of staff skills for a successful campaign.

We have invested in a new and better way to engage with our audiences to achieve better results for our clients. This has lead us to develop “Staff Dynamic Mapping”. This process is based on building a team by using the right combination of staff skills, much like a sports team.

We have mapped out our staffing database with 6 core skill-sets that play specific roles.

Our ‘Attractors’ are fantastic at drawing in the crowds and grabbing the attention of the public eye, and they are more likely to get a staggering 80% of people involved in your campaign.

Then we have our top communicators, or as we like to call them our ‘Keepers’, who will do their best to keep your consumers engaged, make great conversations and deliver your message effectively. Great communication works, as a clear 95% of all call to action responses is because of a Keeper.

Our ‘Guru’s’ are specialist staff that have an extensive amount of knowledge in a set area. They have the know-how and the show-how, which is exactly what 20% of audiences care about in a campaign.

For a lot of activities, there is the involvement of a celebrity type, who we refer to as our ‘Stars’. This person will generate buzz and appeal, leading audiences to seek out the campaign, and gives spectators a reason to stay.

‘Deal Makers’ are great sales people. They will constantly be on target to influence your consumers purchasing decisions and showing them exactly what they can get for their money. Our Deal Makers are great up front at point of sale.

Each of our core staffing roles can be supported by our efficient ‘Supporters’, who will be on site to add to the experience in anyway possible. A handy extra pair of helping hands!

So who’s it gonna be? We have plenty of skilled staff just waiting to get involved!

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