How to launch a successful pop-up store

By January 7, 2016General

If you’re opening a new store, you want to get people talking about it. In a world that’s so social media orientated, you want people to be tweeting, Instagramming and downright gushing about your pop-up store online, as well as to people in real life.

So if you’ve already got all the basics in place for and are ready for your launch party, here are a few top tips to make it a huge success. After all, if your event is a triumph, it’ll translate into paying customers.

Hire in some help

You don’t want to turn people away who may be genuinely interested in becoming a customer, so you want to make sure that you have all hands on deck for your launch party.

The easiest way of doing this is by bringing in the professionals: promotional staff. They will be charismatic, passionate about your brand and will get people in the door and keep them entertained while they’re inside!

Create a buzz before the launch

You want people to know about your shop before it gets to launch night in order for you to get a good turnout. You could do this with PR stunts or harnessing social media in a creative way.

If you get people excited about your brand, then they’ll be excited to come along to your event!

Use temporary to your advantage

If you’re setting up a pop-up store then you have the advantage of customers feeling a sense of urgency about buying your products.

It’s no secret that ‘limited edition’ is a great way to get people scooping up what you have to offer, so use it as a sales technique during your launch. You could even have a branded clock counting down how long you’re there for.


Whether your brand is already well-known or is relatively new, you need to ensure that people are able to spot your new store a mile off and know that it’s you.

You can emphasise this by branding the space, getting the promo staff to wear your uniform, and well as fun activities that will get people excited and make them remember who you are.

If you need some help getting your store launch off the ground, whether it’s a long-term or pop-up shop, look no further than Hotcow.

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