Maybe you’re thinking of creating a product sampling campaign? It’s a well known fact that people buy from people – it’s not just about having a great product. The truth is that you may have the most amazing product in the world, but if you don’t have the right promotional staff on the front-line communicating your key brand messages, consumers will walk straight past your booth without a second glance.

Promotional staffing is an integral part of any experiential or product sampling campaign, and with the right team on board, you can potentially change people’s opinion of your brand, create life-long brand advocates, and drive sales.

How? By knowing how to get the most out of your promotional staff.

At Hotcow, we have years of experience of sourcing promotional staff to help create memorable brand experiences, and along the way, we have figured out how to get the best out of them. Here are a few salient points to consider:

1. Never underestimate the importance of a good brief. Provide your staff with as much information as possible on your brand, campaign, and specific requirements. Depending on the product, it is also a good idea to provide them with samples so they can try the product out and learn everything there is to learn about it – particularly its benefits, which they can then communicate to the public.

2. Promotional staff are people too. Provide them with a good uniform and allocate breaks fairly. Don’t subject them to working conditions you would not be prepared to adhere to yourself. Make sure that your promotional staff are comfortable, and give them sufficient time to have something to eat and drink, and rest their feet. Standing up for hours on end whilst smiling widely and being polite and friendly requires a lot of energy.

Treat staff fairly and you will reap the benefits.

3. Communicate and resolve problems as they arise. If a member of staff is not performing to your expectations, or the event is not running as smoothly as you would like, inform the member of staff as quickly as possible, to ensure that the issue can be remedied. Its little use waiting until the end of an event to decide that you were not happy with your promotional staff.

So if you want an effective, efficient product sampling campaign that delivers tangible results, only the crème de la crème of promotional staff will do.

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