We love Tom Fishburne – not only does he create brilliant, thought provoking and relevant cartoon content – his insightful articles really hit the nail on the head.

In Tom’s ‘Target Market’ article, he talks about the divisive topic of ‘targeting’ and what it really means.

Marketers always walking a tightrope when it comes to targeting an audience or creating a product that appeals to a target audience.

Ultimately – brands want to see market penetration and sales growth.

However, pick too broad a ‘target market’ and you run the risk of being nothing to everyone. Disposable or even forgettable. Choose too narrow an audience, and the amount of growth you see, could be insufficient (depending on the revenue goals set)

Tom talks about the best target markets often being deliberately exclusive and how it takes time to properly ‘crack’ a target market statement and unlock the potential.

This ticks all the boxes for Hotcow thinking.

Once upon a time, marketers understood the old ‘rule of seven’ adage, where a prospect would need to see or hear your brand message seven times before they took action.

In the world of live marketing and brand experience, we are rarely afforded an opportunity to talk with an audience seven times. But, we do get to communicate and reach people on a level that traditional advertising and marketing channels cannot hope to match.

Brands that have the courage to take a longer term view over their marketing objectives could easily target these ‘exclusive’ groups and build tribes of advocates who could easily become your turbo charged, WOM marketing army.

Creating exciting and interesting ways to grab the attention of your target audience and making them feel loved is where the fun begins. You can create incredibly specific communications that position your brand as the only viable option and share this feeling with the right people at the right time.

To do this may require a different type of thinking. But those that do, and can, might discover some pleasant surprises.


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