Coca-Cola Celebrates Its Biggest Marketing Campaign in 5 years

By December 19, 2016General

If you’ve been wondering how to get involved with experiential marketing for this Christmas season, or the next, it could help to look at a brand who’s known for pulling of amazing marketing stunts.

If there’s one company that does experiential marketing and Christmas perfectly – it has to be Coca Cola. Every year, people queue up around the UK in freezing cold weather just to catch a glimpse of the Coca-Cola truck as it hands out free beverages to its beloved fans.

This year, the company has launched its largest campaign in five years, with the launch of a brand-new advertisement centred around “giving” and the festive spirit.

If you haven’t seen the new advert yet, it follows a young boy spreading festive cheer around his town by handing out bottles of cola to his parents, hard-working shop assistants, and more. However, Coke’s efforts won’t be stopping on your television screens.

The Latest Campaign

The new campaign will include the standard television ad, as well as plenty of PR and digital solutions supported by a serious of festive coke-sponsored television episodes. This will include an episode that viewers can watch where a host visits the FareShare headquarters to learn more about how Coca-Cola will be getting more involved with giving this year.

In the spirit of the season, the brand will also be donating a meal to the FareShare brand for every person who uploads a snap of their 500ml bottle.

The Season of Giving

Focusing on the spirit of giving, the latest Coca Cola campaign is all about giving back to the community and those in need this Christmas – while generating plenty of extra following for the brand themselves.

According to the marketing director of Coca-Cola UK, the idea was spawned following a hugely successful summer campaign, and Coke decided to continue the momentum of their social impact by pulling out all the stops at Christmas.

From social media live videos, to free drinks giveaways at from the Christmas Truck, to fantastic digital campaigns, Coca-Cola has once again shown the brands of the world what can be accomplished with some creative experiential marketing.

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