Cinema Admissions on the rise

Cinema Admissions on the RisePeople still love the cinema experience, as numbers show cinema admittance is on the rise.

Even in spite of the economic climate, the magic of the big screen is still drawing in the public. The increase of people attending the cinema hasn’t peaked like this since 2002, as results have shown in the latest UK Movie Market Update for the BSAC Film Conference. Even though ticket prices and concessionary goods have increased in cost, the public are still flocking to the cinema’s to catch the latest big films.

One of the main reasons driving people to the big screen is for the new ‘big thing’ – 3D screenings. 3D movies are a big attractor for consumers, regardless of their premium rate tickets. Overall, this rise in numbers verifies that people are all about the experience. It is not enough to wait to see films on DVD and even illegally catching sneak-previews of films online doesn’t satisfy, as people still crave being submerged into a dark space in front of a big screen with amazing surround sound the smell of popcorn in the air.

This is a great opportunity for the entertainment sector to draw in even more people to experience 3D. It is still a very new trend with plenty of potential to reach out to new audiences who have yet to enjoy the experience, as well as cement a bond with viewers who have already loved the experience and want to commit to seeing more films this way. It is also a good opportunity for brands to target consumers at the cinema during popular film releases.

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