Burberry has been a trailblazer on social media from the beginning, which eye catching campaigns designed to bring consumers closer to the action. A master of the interactive campaign, Burberry’s celebrated fashion shows are watched online around the world by thousands, and the online coverage helps to drive a huge spike in mentions that Burberry then uses to drive traffic to its online store.


In the run up to Christmas, when catching up with your favourite TV shows on 4oD, you may have come across Burberry’s latest advert. Want to know how to perfect an interactive campaign? If you were watching closely, the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that the ad was personalised for you.

To promote its new scent and monogramming service, Burberry launched an interactive digital campaign, inviting customers to have their initials carved on a 90ml bottle of new fragrance, ‘My Burberry’, for free.

The campaign enabled consumers to personalise their own perfume bottle with up to three initials, using the brand’s new monogramming service. Consumers could create their own monogrammed bottles via interactive TV ads, billboards and social media ads, and then purchase their personalised bottle online at burberry.com.


Personalised television commercial – viewers of Channel 4’s on demand service, 4OD, were able to personalise their My Burberry TV campaign, which ended with the advert, featuring the consumers’ initials on a monogrammed of the ‘My Burberry’ bottle.

Interactive Billboards – Using smart phone technology, fans could interact with the campaign on digital billboards at selected sites in London and New York, and project their initials onto a giant My Burberry bottle creative.

Live mapping directions then guided them to their nearest Burberry store where they could purchase their personalised bottle.

Social Media – Users could also share their bespoke bottles across social media platforms; Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Youku and QZone, while Google offered the same functionality through interactive ads.

Masters of personalised marketing

Burberry says that the success of this campaign helped it increase underlying revenue in its wholesale Beauty division by 55%.

The campaign exemplifies Burberry’s strategic nouse, by presenting consumers with a one-of-a-kind experience and product. By providing customers with the opportunity to interact with the brand and make it their own through personalisation, it has brought the customer closer to the brand, while yielding impressive returns on customer engagement, value for money and brand reputation.

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