Are you up for a three-way?!

By November 1, 2010General, Industry News

Our Powwownow three-way celebrities Last month we teamed up with telecommunications company Powwownow and three chatterbox celebrities to have the world’s longest ever three-way…conference call that is!

They wanted to show commuters how they can save time, money and the environment by travelling less and talking more with Powwownow’s free conference calls so we sprung in to action – turning the entire event around in just six weeks!

We got cricket legend Phil Tufnell, funny-man Patrick Monahan and glamour model Jodie Marsh in to their PJ’s and challenged them to talk non-stop on the same conference call for an incredible 24 hours from specially designed ‘bed booths’ at London’s Victoria, London Bridge and Waterloo stations.

People were invited to post questions and conversation topics to the threesome via Twitter, Facebook and direct from a specially designed micro-site – which also video-streamed the entire event online!

We created three characters, ‘Pow’, ‘Wow’ and ‘Now’ who were on hand to make sure the public had a great time with the event by posing for photos and handing out stylised travel card holders.

We have some great footage of the whole event so watch this space for further highlights and a full case study! In the meantime, here are some slightly less-than-essential numbers and a video for your enjoyment…

17 Cups of coffee
20 cans of Red Bull
59 toilet breaks
14 varieties of chocolates nibbled
3 cases of Krispy Kreme doughnuts
7 different dogs jumping on beds
3,000 annoying train announcements!
0 audible snores!

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