4 ways to keep your promotional staff happy and engaged

By August 2, 2016General

At this very moment, staffing agencies across the country are doing their utmost to deliver impeccable staffing solutions for events all over the country. But what makes someone impeccable promotional staff and what defines a successful staffing solution?

If you want to pull a team together for your next event, here are our top tips to ensure you get the best one possible:

1. Know Your Staff

Of course, it isn’t possible to know the name of every pet that every member of promotional staff has owned, but the more you know about them, the better you’ll understand their suitability for each campaign.

Being able to list staff abilities off the back of your hand to your client is not only impressive, but it shows you know and understand the importance of detail in your field.

2. Loyalty

If a staff member has shown loyalty to your company, it’s important to show it’s appreciated.

At Hotcow, we value loyalty and endeavour to maintain relationships with staff that show willingness to work as much as possible, by re-booking staff again and again. We find that this is also requested by clients and remind staff that clients will often request staff members that they have worked with before.

3. Balance is everything

When it comes to building your team it’s important to have the right balance dynamically. Do your team appeal to all types of consumer? For example, that overly enthusiastic bright and smiley Brand Ambassador might not appeal to your average reserved businessman.

It’s important to have a team that works well together yes, but build your team as if it were a mini population – and assure you appeal to everyone.

4. Happy Staff = Happy Client

It’s very easy to assume that a Yes attitude to your client is always the way to go. But sometimes, promises to a client unsettle your staff.

Work with both your client and the team on the ground to keep all parties happy and productive. The staff are the ones delivering the show, so before you say ‘Yes’ to your client, make sure it’s something that your team can comfortably deliver.

For example, confirming that staff will work happily in the rain in a T-shirt in the middle of November really isn’t going to earn you any points with your staff and in many respects will reflect back on the brand as well.

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