We created London’s first ‘Tweet to Eat’ Sausage Sandwich Kitchen. In order to bring a piece of the country to a London city environment to host the first tweet-to-eat sausage sandwich kitchen.

The idea was to bring a piece of the country to a city environment. The visual created was a rustic barn look, complete with hay bails, vintage farm tractor and farm animals. Consumers had to tweet why they deserved a free sausage sandwich in order to receive their sample. Consumers would then present their tweet as a form of social currency to the chef. If the tweet got the thumbs up from the chef, they were given their sausage sandwich

So, what happened..?

  • 2,000+ Sausage sandwiches served
  • 270,000 Online reach
  • £29,000 Worth of media coverage
  • 100% Increase in Twitter followers
  • 30% Increase in Facebook likes

Twitter Comments

  • Looks like a fab day…who could resist munching a lovely British pork sausage whilst sitting on a hay bale!
  • #ideserveasausage coz it’s cold and I’m hungry! And the smell is soon good! YUM!! YUM!!!
  • Pre-tweeting now for a cheeky @d_a_sausages sarnie after work #ideserveasausage it’s been a long day!
  • @d_a_sausages #ideserveasausage because it’s first night of puppy training
  • @d_a_sausages you can’t beat a bit of real English sausage!!! Oh and a dot of French mustard but she don’t tell anyone!
  • @d_a_sausages Everyone deserves a decent bit of saus, especially hard working men in the city #ideserveasausage
  • @d_a_sausages #ideserveasausage because I lost my bank card at the weekend so otherwise lunch is off the menu!
  • @d_a_sausages #ideserveasausage bescause I am a piggy and super hungry!! FEED ME!!
  • @d_a_sausages thanks for the lovely breakfast this morning – will def be buying Kentish apple & Cider in the future!