Our challenge

Create a PR stunt on behalf of the Red Consultancy to highlight McDonalds support of grassroots football in partnership with the FA.

What we did

Created a washing line across Wembley football pitch (80m) hanging 80 kids football t-shirts on it.

The job was an engineering challenge to support the weight of the line with 80 kids t-shirts hung on it and lasting in all weather conditions. We had to use 2 tonnes of ballast on each end of the football pitch to ensure a tight rope. We were only allowed 1 person on the football pitch for 1 walk.


The service was outstanding. We had to turn a project around extremely quickly and had a lot of demands for work to be produced really quickly. Even prior to the project being officially signed off, the team worked tirelessly to get us everything we needed to push it over the line. On the day itself, the team were amazing, the finished product looked incredible and we, our client McDonald’s and the Football Association loved it. They worked through the night to tough deadlines, which won’t be forgotten!

Red Consultancy