Word of mouth Marketing

By February 13, 2013


Word of mouth marketing is still the most powerful and persuasive form of marketing today. Study after study confirms that recommendations from friends, family and friends of friends have greater influence over our purchase decisions than any other form of media. The key to great word of mouth is in developing emotionally engaging creative concepts that people can have passionate conversations about.

Every marketing problem is a people problem. Why? An example: A company suffering from sluggish sales growth is due to not enough people buying. The solution is people. People make an unknown brand known. People work together to turn causes into crusades. People form communities to talk and share. People fuel the engine of business. People have the mouths, word-of-mouth refers to.

To spark and sustain conversations with customers you must ignite the people into action.

Our value

We’re passionate about utilising the latest technologies and innovative creative execution methods. We’ve used projection media, graffiti artists, live theatre, installation artwork, PR Stunts, celebrities and more to drive passionate conversations.

  • We’ll architect relevant creative concepts that fuels passionate conversations using our award winning creative team.
  • We’ll track and monitor people’s changing behaviour towards your brand using the ‘Net Promoter Score’ and various other online methodologies.
  • We’ll identify influencer groups to kick start your brand’s talkability.
  • We’ll listen to what ‘the people’ are saying about you and continue to create concepts that are inspiring to ‘the people’.
  • We’ll use our fully trained promotional staff to instigate the first conversation.
  • We’ll create content to share with wider communities online.