What brand experience strategies attract Millennials?

By June 1, 2015General

The nature of media and advertising is constantly changing and, as such, so are brand experience strategies. With every new generation, the old rules have to be reconsidered and sometimes thrown out altogether.  This is particularly true for the millennials – the generation of young adults between the ages 18 and 34.

The way millennials find, consume and act on information is completely different from past generations. This is because they were the first group to grow up in a digital environment. They were the first generation to use smart phones, tablets and social media, and this has changed the way they shop: A passive, generic message is no longer adequate – consumers want personalised, two-way relationships with brands.

So what can you do to hold their attention? Weave compelling experiences into your brand strategy.

Here’s how Chipotle and Carlsberg did it:

1. Appeal to their sense of adventure

Millennials are always on the lookout for new experiences. In fact, they’d rather spend money on experiences than on goods. Therefore, brands that provide and inspire new activities are much more likely to attract their attention.

Hosting an exclusive event is a great way to appeal to millennials’ sense of adventure.

Take American fast-food brand Chipotle for example. In 2011, they launched a branded food and music festival; ‘Cultivate’ that featured a winning combination of live music and food (by way of cooking demonstrations from chefs). The event also incorporated educational elements – teaching attendees about the farming industry and how food is grown.

The unconventional brand experience worked, as the festival attracted over 17,000 millennials in its first year alone.

2. Provide variety and customization

A good brand experience doesn’t have to take the form of a flashy party or music festival – sometimes it’s as simple as giving the customer an unexpected gift.

Last month, Carlsberg unveiled it’s ‘probably the best poster in the world’ billboard, in Brick Lane.

For many people, it delivered on its promise. As you can see from the picture, there was an actual working tap attached to the poster, where people could pull their own pints – and it attracted a lot of attention.

The positioning on Brick Lane was ideal. Not only is it a busy and vibrant area, packed with hungry millennials, but it’s alo just around the corner from Shoreditch, where craft beers and ales take dominance over mainstream lagers – so it was a win-win campaign.

The thrill of receiving an unexpected free gift is a great way to appeal to millennials’ spontaneous nature.

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