The art of social selling

By May 9, 2016General

Selling on social media is one of the “rising stars” in the sales industry. If you can crack the code of social selling, you’ll be well on your way to improved sales wins and customer retention.

But there’s one big hurdle: tracking the ROI of your social selling efforts.

This is one of the challenges of social selling – even for the most experienced brands, as it’s a relatively new concept.

But if you don’t have a process in place to track how your social conversations turn into revenue, you’re not going to know if all the hours you’re spending on social media are paying off.

Here are some easy and simple ways to nail down your social selling process:

Gather customer data from social profiles

When you have context around your customers, you can make better decisions about how to build meaningful relationships. As a starting point, study your potential customers’ social profiles.

Check out:

  • Their profiles – what are their interests?
  • How active they are on social media
  • The type of content they enjoy sharing

Make a note of key points for future conversations and personalised promotions.

Document social conversations

It’s not always clear what to do with a lead that you find on social media. You may have a great conversation with a potential customer on social, but what do you do when that conversation is over?

As a largely untested concept, there’s no formula for success. But it’s important you connect your social selling outreach to your existing sales process.

Make sure that you document your social conversations and segment customers based on their needs. That way you can track your relationship with them.

Your efforts will not go unappreciated.

Provide targeted customer content

Once you know a bit more about your customers, you should provide useful content That’s relevant to them, will educate them and help them make decisions.

Content is an essential part of the social selling process. A recent study by DemandGen found that 82% of B2B buyers viewed five or more pieces of content during the decision-making process.

So keep pushing out blogs, whitepapers, social media news – anything that will add value to your customer.

Provide awesome social customer service

It goes without saying; your online reputation is everything. So don’t scrimp on the social customer service.

Monitor your company accounts so you can respond to customers quickly, and follow up to make sure problems have been resolved.

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